"Expansion"? In fact, technological innovation


Why are so many companies expanding when there is already excess capacity? Is expansion the solution?

At present, from silicon materials, silicon wafers, to batteries, modules, the entire photovoltaic industry chain is in a situation of excess capacity. Serious excess should have reduced production, but photovoltaic energy storage companies are still busy expanding production. In the last 18 months, the PV industry added more than 380GW of industrial chain projects, which is the sum of new projects in the past 18 years. According to incomplete statistics, from the beginning of last year to the end of April this year, more than 460 photovoltaic industry chain projects are planned to expand production. In early June this year, including JA, Longi, Tongwei and other head photovoltaic companies have announced expansion plans.

Many enterprises have expanded production, in fact, technological innovation. At present, there are three mainstream photovoltaic cell technologies: N-type TOPCon, HJT (Heterojunction) and PERC. PERC is the main production capacity at present, but its efficiency has reached its limit, lagging behind the development of the industry, and gradually moving closer to the direction of backward production capacity, which is no longer suitable for the future development of photovoltaic energy storage. At this time, enterprises to expand production, more is the innovation of N-type technology.

According to public information data show that at present, N-type battery new technology is developing rapidly, TOPCon battery mass production is the best cost-effective, its efficiency has reached more than 25%, which has become the follow-up development direction of most photovoltaic module technology enterprises in China. Therefore, the overcapacity of photovoltaic cell production is actually backward overcapacity, and the crazy expansion of enterprise is advanced production capacity, the essence is through technological innovation, advanced elimination of backward, seize the market.

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