2023 photovoltaic industry research report

The photovoltaic industry, also known as the solar photovoltaic industry, is a field that focuses on the use of photovoltaic technology to convert solar energy into electricity. The industry covers the manufacture of solar cells, the design, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems, and the sale and supply of electrical energy. At the heart of photovoltaic technology is the photovoltaic effect, through which solar panels are able to convert light energy into electricity, enabling sustainable clean energy production.

Sep 19,2023

Adjustable triangle solar mounting bracket on Lampang Thailand

During 26th-28th Sept. 2018, Greatest attended Osaka PV EXPO in Japan. In this exhibition,we show our popular solar pv mounting brackets and solar ground rack design. They are attractive and captured all people’s eyes, receiving a good exhibition praise.

Jul 28,2022

Europe's 2030 renewable energy generation target increased to 42.5%

The European Parliament has approved the recently updated Renewable Energy Directive, which will increase the share of renewable energy generation in Europe to 42.5% by 2030 and encourage EU member states to work towards a higher target of 45%.

Sep 19,2023

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